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the challenge

Lusíadas Group is now a glossy model of a fully integrated content strategy, but since 2014 we’ve been driving one of the leading health brands to the top. We combine search, social and medical excellence to cover the journey from the first symptom to the recovery.

To boost brand awareness and favorability we have to be bold. In fact, we wanted to innovate and do things differently from competitors in both offline and online media (magazine, now on hold, content powered website and social media presences – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube). 

With the impressive number of 80% of people turning to Google when they have health questions, we developed a strategy that allows Lusíadas to make a difference: instead of focusing solely on conversion like other brands, we’re reaching people when they aren’t yet looking for a health provider. And the starting point was the creation of the health content hub, that is part of Lusíadas institutional website. 


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the process

We designed a content strategy that is focused on helping people from their very first point of concern – when they search online for a health question. That is the idea behind the blog, a health content hub with a clear and straightforward tone of voice. This touch point addresses people’s doubts – like ‘skin cancer: the different types’ – but also subjects considered to be shameful or taboo, like stool changes and condom use. The content is verified by Lusíadas’ medical staff, giving it an additional seal of validation. 

How did we do it? We are constantly using data intelligence and analytics allied to a strong editorial team, in order to refine and adjust content and marketing strategy. Our goal is to understand deeply what people need, and maximize organic reach, but also be a regular presence on social media – when people aren’t looking for us, but are impacted by our content.

A golden magazine

We launched Lusíadas magazine in 2014 as a biannual magazine and in 2017 it started being published three times a year. It is distributed in all of Lusíadas’ waiting rooms. The mission of the magazine is to create proximity with the readers, to build brand awareness and engagement and to strengthen the brand’s credibility – Lusíadas’ medical staff contributes with and validates all the content. In 2015, Lusíadas magazine won the category “Best Healthcare/Medical Publication” at the Content Marketing Awards, which is the biggest prize for content marketing and is often described as the ‘world cup of content marketing’.


CMA (London), Silver – Best use of SEO 2018
CMA (London), Gold – Best Healthcare Publication 2015

the result

The healthcare content hub is now the main traffic source for, representing 57% of total traffic in 2019. Our bet in search engine organic searches had given Lusíadas a solid authority amongst a relevant group of health related keywords that makes the brand a reference. Looking at the numbers, between 2017 and 2019, the visits to the blog increased 109% and people spent 5.5 minutes reading the articles.

The cherry on the cake is the award we received in 2018 for our approach. Lusíadas was awarded Silver for their use of an SEO strategy in one of the most important content marketing competitions globally, the International Content Marketing Awards (Content Marketing Association).

Lusíadas Corporate TV

In 2016, Lusíadas Corporate TV was added to the project. All of Lusíadas hospitals and clinics have TV screens in the waiting rooms and that is an excellent opportunity to reach people in the waiting room, building brand awareness and engagement through useful content. The result is a continuous broadcast of a mix of videos we produce and the repurposing of content originally published in the blog. The main objective is to create proximity with the clients and strengthen the brand’s credibility – Lusíadas’ medical staff contributes and validates all the content.

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